Capwise FAQs

What Would You Like To Know?

What Does "Capwise" Mean?

Capwise stands for: Correct Application of Principles makes one WISE

What's Included In A Proposal?

If you fill out our request for a proposal, we'll reach out to you and inquire about your business and what you're generally looking for. From there, we'll create a menu-style proposal outlining how Capwise can help you. You will also receive a free website audit.

What Is A Free Website Audit?

Website audits are two part audits that includes website marketability and SEO rankings. Website audits come free with a proposal.

Do I Need Online Marketing?

YES! It is 2021 and businesses thrive from online visbility and marketing. It's no cost to chat with us and find out how your business can benefit from our services. We are a small business that serves small businesses- and we're here to help yours.